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What is the USA Green Card Lottery (DV Lottery)

Every year the US government provides 50.000 Green Cards via the official Deversity Visa lottery (DV lottery). All winners and their families receive permission to live and work permanently in the USA!

The easiest way to obtain US citizenship is through the Green Card Lottery!

According to notice of the United States of America State department, applications for participation in the DV lottery are accepted only through internet.

Through this website you can participate in the USA Green Card Lottery, which gives you the opportunity to win a green card and live and work in the US. Participate in the program and take advantage of the possibility given by the United States of America DV lottery program (Diversity of the immigration flow program), approved by an Act of the US Congress in 1995. Do not hesitate to use this opportunity and register. One in every 50-60 people registered in the lottery wins a Visa!

Annually the American government picks 100,000 winners in the lottery who are competing for little more than 50,000 Green cards. The number of the initially chooses people is more than the actual green cards, because of the fact that a lot of applications are disqualified, because of incorrectly written data or invalid pictures. The disqualified applications are around 60% from all the registrations. We guarantee you that your application submitted through our website will not be from the half rejected DV lottery applications. We will correct your data and picture according to the requirements, if we find something incorrect.

The Winners from this year USA Green card lottery will be known in May 2014 and they will have the opportunity to immigrate in the US in 2015.

Why to apply for Green card with us?

Immigration attorney Professional help from immigration attorney
Easy online US DV lottery registration Easy online registration.
United States government visa program Official diversity visa program of the US government approved by the United States consulate.
Quality service We will process your information and photos as required by the United State Department and we will make sure that your US visa application will NOT be rejected, because almost 50% of the applications are usually rejected due to incorrectly filled information and invalid photos!
Free support Free information, support and assistance if needed.
Double chance to win green card for family couples Double chance for a green card winning for family couples!
Accept Visa lottery registrations all year round. We accept registrations for the Visa lottery all year round.


Take advantage of our services and make your dream come true – To live and work in USA and improve your living standard! Realize your business idea, give your children the best education, secure your family’s future!

Green Card Lottery 2013 and 2014 is already complete, currently we are collecting applications for participation in USA Green Card Lottery 2015.

Services offered by Winavisa.com
Equal chance of winning for all candidates yes
Correction, interpretation and translations of information if necessary yes
We accept registrations 365 days a year yes
Free consultation with an expert after winning USA Green card yes
Our system allows uploading photos yes
Updating of the photos is possible at any time yes
Notify the winners at the same day when the results are shown yes
Notify the winners by phone and email multiple times yes
Update the contact information at any time yes
Comprehensive instructions in English yes
Online support by experts. You can ask any question related to immigration yes

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